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 **** Some people are experiencing a problem with putting in their legal first name with their cell phones when signing up, the web site is making some people put an e-mail instead so please go ahead and put your e-mail there and just give us your legal first name in the comment box at the bottom of the registration form. We are hoping to fix this soon, sorry for any inconvenience.  

Please look at our "classes" page before filling out this page so that you can see what the next class dates are and if there is still seating available. Once you know the date you want to attend and there are still seats available, fill out the registration form below and submit it. We will send a confirmation back to your email address, that you give us, within 3 to 4 days.  Thank you.
**** To sign up and then use Paypal, just fill out the registration form below and hit submit FIRST and it will bring you to the "Confirmation page"... THEN go back to the "sign up" page again and JUST hit the Paypal button to pay (you don't have to register again). Or you can pay cash the day of your class date or you can submit payment by check or Money order to:

LTC Firearms Course
78 Lavoie Ave
Ludlow, MA 01056

78 Lavoie Ave
LUDLOW, MA 01056

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