1.) Basic Pistol Safety Course - Mass State Police Basic Pistol class:
**** This is our most popular class ****
These are the classes listed in the "Class Dates" page. 

  This course takes approximately 5 hours to complete and is perfect for those who have NO experience to lots of experience with firearms. This course is packed with info and will introduce you to handguns slowly and safely with all the basic information needed to understand firearms, firearms safety, firearms Laws and so much more. Upon completion of this course, you will receive your

"Massachusetts State Police Basic Firearms Safety Certificate with LIVE FIRE".....


This is a LIVE FIRE  Pistol Course. 

Course Goal:

"This course will teach you the knowledge, Skill and ATTITUDE for owning and using a firearm safely and the right procedures for storage of firearms." 

 This class is a LIVE FIRE course! This class includes all the Materials, Handouts, Targets, Ammunition and use of our guns. This course meets all the requirements to apply for a Massachusetts LTC or your FID License. Upon passing and completing this course, you will receive a certificate that allows you to apply for your LTC or a FID firearms license.

Lessons taught:

    1.) Firearms Safety
   2.) Loading and unloading of firearms
   3.) Safe gun handling
   4.) Identifying of ammunition
   5.) Massachusetts firearms Laws
   6.) Application procedures
   7.) Cleaning and storage of firearms
   8.) Fundamentals of pistol shooting
   9.) Mass. Laws on "Use of Deadly Force"
 10.) Two handed standing shooting positions
 11.) Firing your first shot
 12.) Pistol sports and activities
 13.) And so much more!!!!

Range Safety Officer Course
$300.00 per person
9 hrs.

2.) Private Classes:

     **** A private class is nice for those who want to take the class with just myself (one on one) or for a Husband & Wife or just a couple of your friends and family members. Pricing below......... 

3.) Advanced Firearms Shooting: 

*** This course is only offered to those who have taken one of the above courses or have firearms experience ***

Course Goals:

   This is a course for one or two people only, who wish to hone their skills. I offer this course due to the input I get from people asking me to teach them how to improve thier skills. There are many different ways and types of shooting, so I offer my personal attention to you and one other if you would like. This course can be a necessity if you are looking to buy a new gun, looking to join a shooting team, like a .22 bullseye team, or you just want to practice the right way with firearms. The whole purpose of this course is to help you shoot and train better.


   1.) Bring your own firearm(s), Targets and Ammunition................................$200.00 an hour.
   2.) Use one of my firearm and Targets .............................................$300.00 an hour.
         (every extra firearm you would like to use of mine will cost....................$50.00 extra)

    I have many guns to choose from which makes it nice to try one out before buying one yourself.

Lessons Taught:

    1.) Proper Grip
    2.) Proper Stance
    3.) Sight Alignment
    4.) Sight Picture
    5.) Breathing Control
    6.) Body Control
    7.) Trigger Control
    8.) Follow Though
    9.) Follow up shots
  10.) Accuracy
  11.) And more Suggestions & info that Just makes for a good day of training at the range!!!!

Self-Defense Class
$200.00 per person

Class date will be 00/00/2023 
78 Lavoie Ave
Ludlow, MA 01056
time: 12pm to 5pm 
Price $220.00 per person 


Register today to reserve a seat, this class will fill up fast. We don't do this class often so make the time and take advantage of this rare opportunity.  ​

 Basic Pistol Safety Course

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Coming soon !!!

Multi-State License Course
Seats available for 00/00/2023
Next Multi-State Class Date Coming Soon 

      *** You must be 21 or older and already have a Mass Firearms License or a Firearms license in the State you live in to attend this class.


5.)   Criminal Law Class:

*** A very popular class about understand the laws on firearms ***

In this class we discuss what you need to know about firearms and what you CAN & CAN'T do under the Massachusetts laws. We also discuss the penalties and charges you could face. A great class for all new gun owners and a great class even for those who need to be refreshed on some of the new laws. This class is taught, by me, personally and with the help of a retired Police Sgt. These classes fill up fast because we only take 10 students at a time, so sign up and don't wait!

Criminal Law Class
$200.00 per person

 Private Basic Pistol safety class
$220.00 per person
Private Multi-State class
$320.00 per person

Call or Email me to set up an appointment.... 
    Cell phone: 1-413-427-9963 ask for Ray.
    Email: Ray@LTCfirearmscourse.com

That's right!!! we will be offering the Multi-State License Course here at
 LTC Firearms Course once again due to popular demand.
Which means after you complete this one day class and receive your certificates for the 5 different states mentioned below you will be able to apply for a Massachusetts LTC firearms license, a Florida Concealed Firearm License, a New Hampshire  firearms license, Maine and Connecticut firearms license once you have received your 5 firearms licenses, you can legally carry in 37 states! 
This is a great class to take and will only come around once in a while so make sure to register early and hold your seat because there will be a limited number of seats at this class and when they're sold out, there will be no more!

6.) Range Safety Officer Course:

*** NRA Range Safety Officers must be 21 years of age or older. ***

This is a great opportunity to become a certified NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO).

This is a awesome NRA credential to have under your belt. A certified NRA RSO has the opportunity to apply for any job opening that becomes available. That means if a range is hiring for RSO's and you hold the NRA RSO credential you can apply....being a RSO is a great part time job for a lot of people! When a Sportsmen's club or any other type of range looks to hire RSO's they are mostly looking for a part time RSO to help out their team to over see the safety of others using the range. You might be hired to help out at competitions or other types of events too. Most of the time it's just to stand in the range while others are shooting to make sure things are running safely.  Even if you never seek a job with your RSO credential it's a great opportunity to further your education with firearms because this course teaches you more about gun safety for yourself and also the safety of others you're around at the range and also how to make a range a safer place....What to do in case of an emergency! 

Lessons taught:

 Range Safety Officer's roles and responsibilities 
 Range standard operating procedures
 Range inspection and range rules
 Firearm stoppages and malfunctions
  Range Safety Briefings which include emergency procedures.

*** $20.00 for any duplicate certificates that we need to reprint/resubmit for any reason



 78 Lavoie Ave
  LUDLOW, MA 01056​

(Unless noted other wise)

4.)  Basic Self-Defense Class:

These classes are great eye openers for those who want to be more prepared for home invasions 
        and being attacked. Our basic self-defense class is great for those first timers that just want some
        information and basic techniques to defend themselves. It's a foundation and confidence builder that 
        gives you a stepping stone into self-defense. Please wear something comfortable for clothing and also some comfortable shoes like sneakers. This class contains a short power point and then some very light stand up demonstrations with each individual. We will not be rough with students or be throwing anyone around. This class is aimed at educating and teaching individuals how to be more aware of their surroundings in order to protect themselves in everyday life scenarios. We will also show each student how to use some hand-to-hand techniques for self-defense. Bringing a note pad and pen isn't a bad idea. Other than that just a good attitude.

Lessons taught:

    1.)  How not to become a target inside and outside of your home.
         2.)  How to protect yourself and loved ones inside and outside your home.
         3.)  How to prepare your house and its surroundings.
         4.)  How to carry a concealed firearm.
         5.)  Different types of holsters and the pros and cons of each.
         6.)  What to do before, during and after an attack.
         7.)  What you can and shouldn't do in a crisis situation.
         8.)  Hand to hand combat.
         9.)  Self-Defense moves ( we will teach you, one on one ).
       10.) Techniques on how to attempt to disarm an attacker with a weapon.